Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Secret prayer

Have You Heard About This Secret?
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n spite of that, if all the things that our Lord Jesus Christ has done will be written onto a book, those books then would not be as compact as we have them now. The books they had in their time were written with big letters. They do not have writing materials as miniscule as we have now. They do not have computers then. They do not have microscopic writing instruments during those times. If they only have, John should have not said these.

Books then were rolled up; they were written on animal hides or on the paper available before, the papyrus. These are large things to contain. But John said, "If all the things Jesus did…" - these were not teachings, mind you. These are those things that Jesus Christ did - signs, miracles, and wonders. If you are going to write down all the things that the Lord Jesus Christ had done from his childhood up to his ascension to heaven, "I perceived," according to John, "the world is not enough to contain all these books that should be written."

That is the presumption of John and that is very truthfully presumed. He is saying something to the best of his analysis is true. But what are these things that were not written? They were not teachings; you have to keep that in mind. These were signs and things that Jesus Christ done but they are not necessary for salvation.
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would think about the cost of China. had been to Dalian longer, it will give her those multiple pleasures she's only read about.


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