Saturday, August 30, 2008

my life in trouble

these days it is very peculiar to me. i do not know exactly what is happening to me.. i am depressed in a way, lost self confidence.. lost ambitions and goals. unable to concentrate on god worship as i am in flames and no rescue yet.. i do not know what to do in these circumastances.. whether to take into my hands or depend on god as usual. when god comes to rescue is not known. i do not know why my dreams were shattered and made ash, inspite of my hard work and perseverence. suddenly i am thrown into these difficulties from a height of joy and complacence. one year back, i was happy, confident and facing troubles with courage and belief in god.. now i lost courage, confidence and became a puppet in the hands of the happenings. my prayers for rescue were not yet answered by my god. i do not know what to do exactly.. how to cope up with these. when i am in flames, my mind is shattered and unable to concentrate on god. God, being my friend, father and recuer must take me off these troubles, flames so that i can reconcile and change my ways, pray him peacefully and attempt to know him. now i am unable to judge what is right and wrong.This peculiar phase is a long phase in my life and i became dumb seeing all things. who am i? why these things are heppening to me.. why i lose everything always..what is purpose of my life?oh my god, come fast to rescue me.. it is a must.. none other than you can do this and i expect you only.


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